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    shortness of breath, fast heart rate?

    Corvid, first of all, try and sit or lie down for a moment when it happens and try not to panic about dying. It will only stir up your heart even more. It sounds like you might have something as simple as low blood pressure. Why don't you go and have yourself checked out?
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    Have any of you tried osteopathy/chiropractic or other forms of manipulation

    That sounds really traumatic, Trellum. I could tell you some horror stories, too. But I don't want to do that here, as someone reading my words might be put off from seeking out the help of an experienced chiropractor who could make a big difference in his or her life. Personally, I prefer...
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    Who's been to the beach this summer?

    I used to live for many years near the ocean where I went to swim and walk on a daily basis. But I now live in the city, hours away from any beaches, and life has changed a lot. I now concentrate more on swimming pools and parks to get my dose of exercise and relaxation. I also love going for...
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    Cracking joints

    Trellum, when I had severe problems with my scoliosis nothing would shift in my bones and ligaments. Everything felt stuck and continuously blocked. It was getting worse and worse, until I found that angel who managed to help me over a period of 4 years to unlock the compounded injuries in my...
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    Hello there!

    Hi Lorraine, welcome to the forum. I can't believe that they sent you to a psychologist. How can anyone say that your pain is all in your mind? That sort of statement would leave a lot of people who are already suffering in a desolate state. Since when does one have to "prove" one's pain? In...
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    How do you cope?

    You are very lucky to have a such a great friend by your side. A lot of people take other people for granted, and only notice how much help and love they received when that person is suddenly gone. There have been times in my life when I had to resort to my imaginary friend to get through some...
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    30 years of back and forth

    Hi tiredone, I read your words and they sound so familiar to me. I have also got a long history of going back and forth. The only way out of my personal health issues was with the help of Japanese acupuncture and Oriental herbs. Western doctors will send you to have tests and more tests and...
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    Anyone for yoga?

    You are right, Trellum, the pain will be there but after a while it tends to get less and less, if you don't overdo it with your exercises. I have pushed myself too hard many times and paid the price. It would take me two or three days to recover from my enthusiasm. I learnt that the secret is...
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    Writing therapy

    It's so good you mention this, Ryan. if I had no had the opportunity to write all my agonies down on paper, I would have been long lost. For me it's like opening a pressure release valve. Everything comes blowing out of me so fast that I can hardly keep up with the writing. I just have to let it...
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    It sounds wonderful, ambrosia! How long is your swimming routine?! I bet your arms are so beautiful and toned, as well as your legs. Swimming definitely beats running in my list! Trellum, I swim almost every day for two hours. That includes stretching for about half an hour and walking...