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    Weird Muscle Weakness with CFS?

    Muscle weakness has many causes including: Overexertion and injury (from aching muscles to rupture of a muscle fiber, e.g. due to sports) Wrong or unhealthy diet (lack of minerals and vitamins) Accidents or disorders weakening the patient’s body, confining them to bed and causing immobility...
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    Headaches and other symptoms

    There are many different types of headaches. Although not all headaches are the same, they all share at least one thing in common -- they cause pain. But many headaches also cause other unwanted symptoms, including nausea and vomiting. Migraines If you feel throbbing that begins on one side...
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    Diagnosed in August

    While we know a lot about attention-deficit disorders like ADHD, there are still a lot of unknowns.
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    Could it be fibromyalgia????

    Wonder if you have CFS or fibromyalgia? If you have had severe fatigue or widespread pain lasting over three months without an obvious cause, and if you also have insomnia, then you might have chronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia. The checklist below can help you assess the possibility...
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    Has anyone had breast reduction/lift with Fibro?

    In my practice, I have had patients with your medical “conditions” do very well after the combination surgery you are scheduled for. On the other hand, I have also had patients who have had more than average discomfort associated with the same procedures.