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    New to forums, not to fibromyalgia

    Hi Judye nice to meet you. Im new too. Have had fibro 20 plus years..and hypothyroidism and hashimotos and neck disc problems and carpal tunnel i both wrists..fibro is the worst though. Im happy also I have found this forum and hope to learn alot.
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    problems with cymbalta?

    I could not handle Cymbalta, it was horrible on my body! I want to try new meds but so afraid to as I am so unbalanced mentally already, so afraid of what would happen if I took the wrong medicine, and the horrible reactions, which has happened so many times in the past, so I try to just get...
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    Fatigue extreme tired or muscle fatigue

    Yes Willow, its a terrible thing to have, very depressing. So glad I gound this forum and still navigating my way around. :)
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    New-Hi!- from Illinois

    Thank you Willow yes its really frustrating...and did you notice that when you are sick with the flu or cold it is a thousand times worse than for a "normal" person and takes longer to recover? I thought I was dying last week....:(.
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    Chest Pain

    Aweee Im so sorry..are you feeling better with that? I get that so hard not to go to the emergency room. All theyre going to find is nothing and theres another bill :(.
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    Fibromyalgia Pain

    Yes I can relate to you..I had fibro when I was very young..14..but doctors never diagnosed me with it until I was in my early 30s. Tramadol and muscle relaxers and anbien is how I halfway get through this. Ive veen approved for the mj card so cant wait to see if it helps. I hear aloe juice is...
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    Im usually very hot and cannot handle the heat at all. I use to love to be outside no matter how hot. Not any more.
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    pro biotic

    For weeks I have had an aweful headache and other yeast overgrowth syptoms..started taking a good probiotic and no more headache and other symptoms..Thing is sometimes body gets used to it and you have to switch to a different one.
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    Night out.

    I rarely go out anymore because I just can't handle it with the pain level. I send my husband to the store for food and wherever he will tolerate going for us because it is just too hard. Sometimes we go to his moms to visit and it would be so hard to sit in the living room for so long. Finally...
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    Fatigue extreme tired or muscle fatigue

    Yes! Sometimes I feel like I could just fall over because someone is talking to me and Im standing and I have to sit down immediately or Ill fall down and Im embarrassed to tell them why, but as of late, I am getting more courage and tell them, or I get dizzy spells and have to sit. Ive had...