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    Feeling Helpless

    I too went through a battery of tests blood work, cat scans and MRI's. Tested for lime disease twice both negative finally after going through my contact history I remembered my grandson being ill with fifth's disease so I had them test me for that and guess what I tested positive and in...
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    No meds

    well how did it go... my doc said I don't take enough of my meds and really chewed me out when I told her I was still in pain. I just cant bring myself to medicate as much as they want me too or I would be in a coma or zombie state all the time.. I really want to function better but cant see...
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    Medication that works for Fibro

    so far my rhemu has put me on Mobic 15, tramadol, ativan, and soma although none work completely for the pain, stiffness and fatigue. The mobic 15 is for the viral arthritis 5ths disease I caught that from my grandson in June 2014 and that triggered the Fibro. They say the 5ths disease could...
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    symptoms dont stop changing

    I know it is frustrating, I literally cry and wish it would just pick a spot. Seems as though there is a new pain in a new spot everyday. I have gotten to the point that sometimes I laugh at where it has decided to hurt at any given moment and then the frustration and pain sets in. I am 5...
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    Really thight and weak muscles

    I want my body back... My muscles are so weak and sore all the time and the more I do the worse it gets. My PT just told me if I don't get stronger I am gonna get worse.. Real encouraging... When all I want to do is sleep all the time and if I push myself I am more tired and sore. I'm at the...