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    How common is eye pain and blurry vision in fibromyalgia? What are your experiences?

    I forgot one thing . If you have Rosacea as I do, it can cause eye itchiness & burning. See a derm to get an rx to keep the R under control. Not everything is related to fibromyalgia.
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    How common is eye pain and blurry vision in fibromyalgia? What are your experiences?

    Hear me out, please. I have this issue at times.1. Hydrate consistently. It takes 3 days to properly hydrate your body. Keep it up. Water, Gatorade zero(NOT regular Gatorade that is all sugar), etc.2. If you are not properly hydrated your digestive system will not work well. If I get...
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    Increased pain in areas of weakness

    Absolutely. Fibromyalgia goes to your weakest area & can spread from there. I’ve had rotator cuff surgery. My tear wasn’t even that bad & it was 4 months going to pt 3x / week.
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    How common is eye pain and blurry vision in fibromyalgia? What are your experiences?

    May I suggest, if you haven’t already, get good dry eye otc drops that come it little vials. Perhaps your eye dr will recommend some. Mine did.
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    Control the things you can- stretching, a little exercise, sleep ( very important), breathing correctly. PMS is real. Pay extra attention to self-care during this time, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
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    Eyesight issues

    Been there. See an ophthalmologist. Definitely suggest using some decent eye drops that come in single vials. If you’re getting too much screen time, that can really bother your (my) eyes. Good Luck.
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    Digestive Problems (IBS)

    The last 6 months IBS has gone off the charts. Vasovagal symptoms, queasy, gas. It’s related to bowel movements, or lack thereof, I think. Had abdominal u/sound which was fine, now having carotid arteries & kidney u/sounds to rule out things. Have had fibro for 35 years and these six are a...
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    Get in line!

    It’s almost like a co- dependent sacrifices themselves in order to have a relationship with a narcissist. It might work sometimes, but if you have to sacrifice your integrity, that alone can cause all kinds of health problems - and relationship issues. It’s like having a forced life, in part...
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    Wondering if my symptoms could be fibromyalgia

    Please check to see that you are well hydrated. Dehydration causes havoc in our bodies (been there). If your blood sugar is too high or low that can cause headaches. I have low blood sugar (legitimately). If anyone has the resources, get an otc blood glucose meter & strips from like walmart &...
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    No Diagnosis but Experiencing Symptoms, is it Fibro?

    I’d suggest getting a notebook and keeping a food diary, activity/anxiety diary & symptom diary . See if you see any pattern. Keeps a meds diary & med changes also. Go to your appointment armed with knowledge about your symptoms’ relationship to foods/anxiety/meds. There’s a lot of good...