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    on disability not working now what

    So I've gone through the roller coaster ride of being diagnosed, changing medications, trying to find what works, dealing with your employer, dealing with your insurance company, your family, being off work... and now what.. trying to adjust your life to the ups and downs of living with Fibro...
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    Does your spouse?partner understand your Fibro?

    Hi gang, just wondering if anyone out there experiences the frustration as seen through the eyes of your spouse or partner? I feel I am repeating myself over and over again trying to explain the pain and fatigue but sometimes feel that others just don't get it. any thought?
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    to work or not to work

    Hi gang, been diagnosed with fibro since 2007. Been at the same job for over 25 years but to young to retire. Only very recently have gone part time. My doctor has put me on a gradual return to work. ive now been off all week. so this plan is not working... major flare up, pain and exhaustion...