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    Lab Results. What would you do?

    its like you said even if ana is positive it may be dismissed.
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    Lab Results. What would you do?

    I got some lab results today. The ANA result is not out yet. But I did have a pretty comprehensive panel done. Everything came back normal, the only outliers were an elevated CRP, ESR and a Stage 1 CKD creatinine result. my PCP however told me that these results meant absolutely nothing which...
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    Not convinced I have fibromyalgia

    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but not convinced because i dont have the hip trigger points of fibro, so I just got my ANA tested. I will see what it yields. I think its silly doctors will test again and based on a second test say "oh no not lupus this time" since your flare up could be...
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    Do you think I might have Fibro?

    Have you been tested for Lupus?