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    Can anyone explain Fibromyalgia to me?

    Thanks for replying and thanks for making the post as detailed as possible. Wow so I guess my mom is in constant pain that doesn't go away. She doesn't like medication however (because my grandma always says they're bad) so any good home remedies of any kind? I'm hoping that I don't start to...
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    Is Fibromyalgia hereditary?

    It could very well be. I've heard of families where they passed down a gene that caused Fibro. I've also heard most women are the ones affected by Fibromyalgia so it may come down from the female side of the family. Although I'm not 100% sure on this subject it seems very likely. My friend's mom...
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    Hi, I'm sorry to hear how you're feeling. It's best to call a doctor and describe your issues to him/her and have them work things out. It really sounds like you need to remind yourself to take your meds and to eat as well. Try and exercise (not too strenuously) and tire yourself out before...
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    Conditions like fibro?

    Mainly arthritis maybe. Many types of pains can have a variety or problems that associate with them. Arthritis could be the main culprit since you describe she has joint pain and it seems likely to be that. It could be aspartame poisoning as some members above have mentioned as well. It's good...
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    tingling tongue along with muscle spasms

    Definitely go out and seek a doctor/neurologist. Sounds like something other than Fibromyalgia and could be serious. You could also search your symptoms online and find out (which I don't really advise since it's easy to misdiagnose and scare yourself). It could be anything from pinched nerves...
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    Post-nap recovery fail :(

    Wow sounds like hell! Your body probably doesn't enter and exit sleep well since you have Fibromyalgia. Your body probably wants to stay awake and in turn once you actually get up, you feel the symptoms you've described above. I feel the same things when I nap (although I do not suffer from...
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    Anyone have vision problems?

    My mother has suffered from vision problems and she has Fibromyalgia and I have inherited those similar traits. I however don't suffer from chronic pains so I don't know if I could have Fibromyalgia like she has. I'm unsure in whether she has it because of Fibro (which could be very likely) or...
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    Need Tips on Solving Insomnia

    You could first get a doctor's appointment and get prescribed some medication to induce tiredness. However if you don't want to do that you can try getting up and doing something that bores you and once tired, try sleeping again. If that doesn't work try any of the following: -Exercising during...
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    Hello everyone. I decided to join since my mother has Fibromyalgia and I felt this would be a great forum to help. This place looks very well made and looking through some of the posts they seem very helpful as well and very well informed. I hope you guys can be very helpful and that I can gain...
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    Can anyone explain Fibromyalgia to me?

    I see. Do you think that some people could be mistakenly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? If anything are there any methods of naturally getting rid of the pain? I would like to give my mom as much information as I can get so she can feel better (since she's mostly against medications).