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    Constant fibromyalgia pain n a doc who won't help!

    Cassiesassyr, Find another doctor! I don't think your guy is a believer. Make some phone calls to different doctors' offices. Ask questions including how they treat fibromyalgia. If all they use is steroids and NSAIDS, then they don't know anything about fibromyalgia. It is not an...
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    On disability and looking for advice/support :(

    Lyndsey, I understand your fear and apprehension. Because you live in B.C. I cannot advise you on disability payments. What I do know is that fear can destroy you. I think it is important that you get out of the house. You need to establish/maintain some social contacts. Avoid negative...
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    hesitant GP

    Imipramine is a tricyclic antidepressant and not specifically a drug for FM. Sometimes the tricyclics help people with FM, not only with depression but also affecting neurotransmitters involved in pain perception. Reading between the lines about your GP, I would guess that everything he is...
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    Where is your worst pain

    I think we tend to blame all our pain on fibromyalgia. Don't forget that people without our disease also have joint pain which is affected by weather. So you might find some relief using an NSAID when storms move in.
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    No meds

    Pain is best controlled by taking the medication on a regular schedule instead of waiting for the pain to start. After the pain starts, it takes more medication to make it stop. Flagem333, most drugs that work on the central nervous system cause drowsiness initially. If you just persevere and...
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    Pain medication?

    Green Bean, Lyrica and Cymbalta are not anti-inflammatories. They moderate the neurotransmitters. I would encourage EVERYONE to research medication and other treatment modalities on your own. You are your own best advocate and have a bigger stake in your treatment than any doctor does. You...
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    Pain medication?

    People with fibromyalgia don't respond well to opioids. So instead, try one of the 3 medications specifically for this disease.
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    Pain medication?

    Here is my take on addiction. The classic addict uses drugs to escape life either for fun or due to a failure to problem solve, at least in the beginning. If you take the same medication to engage in life and lead a normal life, I don't think we should think of it in terms of addiction...
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    Krishna, I was just diagnosed yesterday and admit to being suicidal for over 2 weeks. I actually feel relieved to get this diagnosis, because I have spent 5 months recovering from replacement of both knees at the same time. Since I suffered a set back 3 months ago, I have had to "tolerate" my...