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    New and I don't feel myself

    Thank you @wineisfine! It has been quite the roller coaster ride...
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    Serious stress

    This is absolutely devastating. I can't imagine the suffering this is causing you. I have no advice. My feeling about politics is that there are a small group of people trying to destroy the planet...ugh. Hang in.
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    New and I don't feel myself

    Thank you, @sunkacola, I am so grateful for your response. I am sorry that your condition is so limiting. It is definitely "a club that no one wants to belong to". There are so many variables and so much to wrap my brain around that I feel like I am running in circles in my mind, or I'm crazy...
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    Finally accepting my diagnosis...need help coping

    Hi-I am also newly diagnosed and on Cymbalta. I am an ultra-metabolizer of it so I am now up to 90mg with the goal of being 120mg. I hope it helps. I also prefer talk therapy, and have been involved in it for years, but this has taken the wind out of my sails. One of my primary symptoms is...
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    New and I don't feel myself

    "They" tried to diagnose me with fibromyalgia/CFS about five or six years ago and I denied that I had it. I slogged through those five years, surviving, not living. Now I have reached full circle and am ready to admit that either or both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue account for my symptoms...