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    Improving Sleep and Rest

    I've found a few "rules", things that helped me to get better rest and thought I'd share them here: The bedroom is for sleeping. No phones, TVs, conversations, screens, radios or reading. Remove or turn off the electronic junk. Its OK to get out of bed if you're restless, don't lay there...
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    ADD/Asperger Traits contributing?

    Tnx, JayCS for the comments. My ADD was/is the inattentive kind, spiced with bits of extreme focus (such as a complicated radiocommunications project) I believe fibro has a relation to processing overloads... a little like the way PTSD works. My wife used to give me funny looks when I'd...
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    The Importance of Sleep

    For a while, I had sleep problems, anxiety and palpitations.... retiring and other issues... finally resolved. A natural latex mattress and topper helped a lot. For noise, I use soft foam earplugs. Once in a while, I'll feel restless so I'll get out of bed and sit or lay down in another room...
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    ADD/Asperger Traits contributing?

    I'm curious as to whether having adult Aspergers and ADD traits contribute to fibro. I have a little of both; AS/ADD. I find that complex, busy social interactions that cannot be avoided are awful, because my "social processor" is running at 110 percent capacity. With AS, I'm on full alert...
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    Increased Pain with Marijuana Use?

    I tried smoking M. in my teens, six decades before my fibro diagnosis. I think everyone's body chemistry and "wiring" is slightly different, meaning that a medication that helps one person may have an undesired effect on another. In my case, M made me anxious. On one occasion, I thought a...
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    My technical hobby

    My other hobby (although I've been slacking lately) is amateur photography. I use a basic Canon digital camera that allows me to download my pictures to any computer (or to email them). The cameras in many smartphones are getting better, so this is a way to get started. One of my favorite things...
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    Constipation help!!

    Hi- I'm 55-65M. Because of a surgery, I was loaded up on NSAIDS and opioids, and had the same issue for a while. Some medications cause constipation. I raised the amount of veg, fruit and fiber in my diet and that helped - and was much better for me than an off-the-shelf product from a drug...
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    Leg pain in muscles

    Hello- I'm new here as well. I have FM, but not CFS. I do get some unusual aching/stiffness in the legs, pelvis and hips. Oddly, mine feels better when I am walking, but standing at rest or walking very slowly as shopping or in an art museum makes me a little achier, as well as clumsy. I like...
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    My technical hobby

    My favorite hobby has to be Amateur Radio (AKA "Ham Radio). I've been a Ham operator for several decades. Ham Radio is a multifaceted hobby - allowing me to be as technical, social, outdoorsy, emergency 'prep' or reclusive as I feel like at the time. Don't feel like a voice chat? I'll use...
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    New to this Forum

    Thanks for your welcome to the community. Fibro does not seem as difficult when I can read other's stories. I try to stay hydrated as well, I think there is a relation between hydration and (low) blood pressure.