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    When you lay down are you better?

    Thank you so much for some an informative response. So kind of you. I’m really asking these questions because I’m very unsure if it’s fibro, or hormonal issues or something completely different. All I know is that I had severe body swelling all over with fatigue and aches. Swelling was arms...
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    When you lay down are you better?

    Thank you for your response. So when you lay down like let’s say on the couch all day, your pain gets worse? Or it gets better? Sorry u said I’m unsure if u meant u get more pain laying down resting.
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    When you lay down are you better?

    Since I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with me, because I’m still unsure if it’s fibro. When I was working full time or would exercise and be on my feet, my body would get so sore and swollen. I remember I did a PT session, and for 3 weeks my body was aching, swollen and my fatigue was...
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    I’ve tried rheumatologists, you tell me what you think - is it Fibro or not?

    Hey there! If you are reading this, thank you. If you respond, thank you even more. It’s been a roller coaster. It’s been 3 years of still trying to figure it all out. Here’s my story. 3 years ago I left my job. I constantly complained of my whole body swelling up (could be water retention...