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  1. Nexi

    May Have to Move South

    Doctors are concerned about me and would like me to be closer to medical facilities. I have been having tests done for Lupus and .... yeah .... I can add it to my list of ailments. :cry: I'm in disbelief! ... Yeah ...
  2. Nexi

    Bad Day

    You know...I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, IBD, Interstitial Cystitis, Cluster Headaches and Lupus and yet it amazes me how quickly the depression can consume me more than everything else! Today, I just can't see anything positive about living. Not that I am...
  3. Nexi

    Topiramate Any Thoughts?

    It has recently been suggested that I try Topiramate since I have the cluster headaches, fibro pain and lack of sleep. Anybody have any experience using Topiramate?
  4. Nexi

    New...Not New To Fibromyalgia...Flared Again

    I have been through hell and back with the debilitating pain of fibro and the fatigue. I couldn't work, get out of bed to take care of my kids, going to the bathroom took all my effort. I ended up on T3's, and a crazy dose of gabapentin, morphine and tramadol. I ended up staying on this for...