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    Confused and looking for suggestions

    Yes, fibro books. I just found out the western blot wasn’t ran neither were coinfection testing. I’m too nervous to try the keppra. Topamax was horrid. I’ll check out shakes. Thank you!
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    Confused and looking for suggestions

    Hi everyone, I’m new. I was diagnosed a few years ago but it was ignored. It finally got bad enough I’m seeing a really nice specialist. I feel I’ve had this but it just got worse over the last 10 or more years. I have a bunch of health issues. My thyroid specialist is brilliant. He’s been...
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    How old are you, how long have you been a fibro warrior?

    I’m 44, diagnosed a few years ago. I feel I’ve had it for at least 10.
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    New here

    Hi Drummer76, I’m new too. I’m just getting started with a fibro specialist. I’m looking at starting warm water physical therapy. It might be an option to help. I liked zanaflex but had a horrible reaction to it. I get extremely odd bad side effects. It helped until the reaction. We need full...
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    Alone with Fibromyalgia

    Hi Marie! I’m new too. I have ptsd, anxiety, panic attacks and the fibro. I just started seeing a fibro dr. I did want to suggest something that helps with my sleep. Ear plugs and a sleep mask. A loud noise or any noise after I doze off can wake me and throw me into a panic attack. I find...