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    New pain in random areas

    I had jaw pain with a clicking sound upon opening my mouth when I first became ill. I(it has since abated) My older sister who has Fibro too had it and went to her dentist who diagnosed TMJ. I think she wears a mouth guard sometimes. My twin who is probable Fibro started to get the jaw pain...
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    Hair loss(extreme)

    Over the past month I have lost half of my hair. I haven't colored it nor do I use heat on it or any products other than shampoo. Just wanted to touch base to find out if this has happened to anyone else recently or in the past. I've always had really thick hair. I haven't changed my diet or...
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    Eye issues

    I seem to remember my sister's dentist told her she had Sjogren's about 20 years ago. Isn't Sjogren's a sister disease of Fibro?
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    Eye issues

    Thank you, I am going to ask her to try it!🙂
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    Eye issues

    I believe it is that we feel things more in magnification, just so weary of it all but we muddle through some how. Right now my sister is beside herself with eye feeling like it's being scraped. I can't seem to console her.😐
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    Eye issues

    I get burning eyes, sometimes watery and occasionally a stabbing pain in eye. Does anyone else want to share any eye issues? Oh and my sister who also has it describes it as a wire brush moving over her eyes.
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    Stomach aches

    I was diagnosed with IBS at 20 then Interstitial cystitis at 50 then shortly after that, Fibromyalgia. I have had bouts of morning nausea usually lasting about a week at a time off and on for 16 years. Remembering back, I had urinary problems early as ten years old and neck and shoulder pain...