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  1. Tipnatee N


    Thank you Sagey for info I'll defiantly be looking in to that! :-D As the person who suffering lots of sensory dysfuction I'll be interesting in waiting to see how they gets the effects down enough to be unnoticeable. I've been expanding and trying a lots of new things lately as far as...
  2. Tipnatee N

    Just another day with fibro.

    It's only just another day with fibro. Walk around with my clothing inside out to avoid irritation : just another day with fibro. Fallen as sleep on the toilet : It's simply just another day with fibro Having dinner at 7am not pm : That's just another day with fibro. Wondering why my...
  3. Tipnatee N

    Medical Test and vaccine

    Everythings are so expensive when it comes to fibro. I'm trying my best to find the cheaper way to deal with it , sadly nothing have ever been enough :cry:
  4. Tipnatee N

    Jack hammer type of vibration

    So supplement can cause it too. Thank you 1sweed . I don't take them when I don't feel like I need them that's for sure. There's some small amount I take for keeping up with my leaky guts , and then the add on extra when my body starting to wacking out. Sorry if I sounds like a supplement...
  5. Tipnatee N

    Question have anyone ever try the coca leaf tea, or coca leaf weight loss pills?

    so it's bad for high blood pressure and pregnant women, that's understandable. But what about low blood pressure and severe fatigue people? :shock:
  6. Tipnatee N

    Lobkos way's secret and new treatments for fibro

    Most of my phantom smell are mostly like sulfur or something burning. Which I had it checked and was cleared of any sign of tumors, but last night was quite close after the unexpected vivid imagination that I had lol:lol:
  7. Tipnatee N

    Lobkos way's secret and new treatments for fibro

    Good for you Lubkos way. I'm very glad you are doing so much better. ;)
  8. Tipnatee N

    Lobkos way's secret and new treatments for fibro

    I may have lost most sense of taste and smell but once a while I'll get what my doctor called the phantom smell. I'm think I'm getting it right now lol. talk about it. It's gonna be a very very long while before I could be as brave as you Lubkos way. Very Very Longggggggggg while. :mrgreen:
  9. Tipnatee N

    Lobkos way's secret and new treatments for fibro

    Oh Noooooooooooooooo! now you're making it worst , my brain is frying now :confused::confused::confused::confused: Please too much vivid picture I'm gonna have a one hell of a nightmare!! lol ... I was having a late night snack and now it's in the bin.