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  1. mariposa

    What helps you to sleep and manage your pain?

    Now there's some good advice! I've known that chamomile is effective for a lot of people (tea form often) and while I know Valerian is helpful to many, I've never had much luck with it, sadly. I'm glad it's working for your boyfriend!
  2. mariposa

    What helps you to sleep and manage your pain?

    Has your doctor not warned you about what damage high cholesterol readings can and always do? This is not about meat per se because I eat meat all the time and always have. But I'm really thinking that suggesting people risk heart disease and stroke and other dire health concerns in order to...
  3. mariposa


    Hi nannyb... and welcome to the forum! I hope it's a good feeling for you to know that there's no need to pretend you're okay here, because everyone who'll read you either suffers fibro themselves or has a friend or family member they're trying to help through this ordeal... so what you are...
  4. mariposa

    Sunday Moan and Groan

    I hope you're feeling better by now, JKerner. I think that trying anything that could possibly help you would be a wise choice. Maybe it would help and maybe not, but there's no way you'd know if you don't give it a try. I am not familiar with what that particular kind of massage is, but I...
  5. mariposa


    Hi Kelly... Welcome to the forum! It will be great to hear what you have to say in the various threads. I hope you'll poke around the posts from the past and add thoughts anywhere you want to. You'll find the support here is incredible and it's an informative place to spend some time. :grin:
  6. mariposa

    Powerless and In Pain

    :sad: First of all, I'm sorry that you're having to face all this... and that you don't have a doctor who will work with you toward your best interests. :sad: Secondly, I'm not understanding why your new doctor wouldn't have your transferred medical records from your old doctors. What would...
  7. mariposa

    The "L" word

    :mad: :mad: Wow, a double mad face... that's unusual for me. Okay, you do know that this is verbal / emotional abuse, right? It doesn't *matter* how old you are... if parents are calling you lazy and stupid, it's emotional abuse. I'm sorry that you have to go through this! Do you have...
  8. mariposa

    The "L" word

    Well you certainly hit the ol' nail on the head here when discussing the most annoying things about peoples' reactions to fibro. It's maddening, I know... and people who don't understand what it is, or the pain it causes, or the damage it does, are always so lacking when it comes to critical...
  9. mariposa

    What would you want your friends to know?

    That would be nice, but I think you also need to understand the depth of her horrible and constant pain. Maybe read up on a medical site. What you're calling "complaining" is actually her reaching out and sharing... hoping someone listens. I've heard one of my friends scream out that very...
  10. mariposa

    Today's special!

    :-) Glad to see that sense of humor shining through... sometimes that's a lifeline, isn't it? I'm so sorry to hear that you had such a bad day yesterday. Were you able to find any relief for that back/shoulder pain, and is it better today?