1. R

    Do I have Fibromyalgia?

    Hi! I hope you are all well, I just need abit of advice and help before I go to the dr. For years (at least 10) I have had pain, painful big knots, tightness, throbbing in my neck and shoulders, I get really bad headaches, sensitivity to light, weakness and vomiting. It isn’t constant but I get...
  2. E


    Has anyone tried acupuncture to relieve pain? I have heard mixed reviews but would love to know others opinions on the matter :?:
  3. L


    I mentioned before that I have been getting more intense migraines and more frequently, one of my colleagues at work recommended daith piercing, it apparently acts the same as acupuncture for migraines as the piercing goes through the pressure point that stops migraines & headaches. There's a...
  4. K

    Trying to Determine Whether I Have FM - Kindly Request Your Feedback

    I just found this forum and am very thankful for it. I am hopeful that someone here can help me pre-determine whether I have FM or not as it has been quite a journey these past three months and I will try to keep things as short and concise as possible: Dec '16: Started with right lower back...
  5. O

    Sleep (aka. desperation)

    I need any and all advice when it comes to sleep. My other symptoms are controlled enough that they do not interfere with my ability to function as a human being. HOWEVER, I cannot sleep during normal times and I am DESPERATE. I go from sleeping between 9am and 4pm some months to 3am to 11pm...
  6. tinyfoxes

    Hello from Maryland

    Hi all, I've had fibro symptoms for about five years but was just recently diagnosed after a health incident (pelvic pain that was completely investigated and no diagnosis emerged) caused a bad flare up. I am interested in alternative/holistic care and have found that acupuncture helps with my...
  7. N

    Wife Recently Diagnosed with FM. How Can I Help?

    Hello everyone and thank you for your time. This is a pretty long and rambling post, so I've bolded the major points to help make things a bit more digestible :) I'm married to a wonderful woman who has been suffering with chronic pain for about three years after an auto collision. Yesterday...
  8. B


    There have been a number of previous posts on acupuncture and whether or not these treatments have helped, but unfortunately those threads have been closed. So I guess I’ll just start a new one explaining my own experience. If anyone would like to share their recent experience with...
  9. S

    fibro question

    hello. I'm new to this forum, and I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced a flare up after acupuncture?
  10. B

    Chronic throat pain/lymph glands

    Hi, I've had chronic throat pain for about 18 months, in the last 4 months been diagnosed with C.F.S. I'm on painkillers, nothing works. Had thyroid checks, all clear, tried herbal medicines, regular acupuncture, nothing is really working. Is anyone else going through the same pain? If so can...