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    How should i start?

    Hi, my name is Tudor, and I’m from Romania. I’m 18. During last 3 years I have had pains. Firstly it was my back that hurted. I was lifting weights when my problems appeared so I thought it was a spine pain(caused by a vertebra hernia). The additional pain was felt in inguinal area( between...
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    New member, new story

    Hello! I am a new member although I signed up a long time ago I finally decided to post after some recent crappy events. I decided to share my story with you all in hopes of finding someone who can relate, which I am pretty sure most of you can. But anyway, I apologize for the length of it in...
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    Is Acupuncture successful treatment for reduce chronic pain?
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    Hi, I am new here. I was recently diagnosed with fibro. I suspected it for years. I am able to manage it with stretching, light exercise, massage and acupuncture. I also take turmeric in an effort to limit my intake of ibuprofen. I have been hesitant to join a fibro support group since I do...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello, I am Ambrosia, and I suffered from chronic pain for nearly 22 years before I found a person who could treat my condition. I was abused as a child and sustained compounded injuries in my spine from being beaten on a daily basis. I developed excruciating back pain at a young age, which led...
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    You can find some helpful things on those sleepless nights.

    Hello group. This is my 1st time to the site. I guess some sleepless nights can be productive after all! Quick background. I'm a 55 years OLD female. I was diagnosed with Fibro about 3 years ago and belief I've had it approximately 25 years, although I've kept it very controlled with only...
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    Please help me!

    Hello everyone, Here's my background: 36, woman, 140 (lost 25lb since 11/12) I was diagnosed with psoriasis at 15. I started humira in 2007 to control the skin lesions. In 2011 my ex dislocated my shoulder and I had to discontinue humira while I had two surgeries in 5/12 and 10/12. A week...
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    Diagnosed in March

    Hi everyone, In some ways I think I am one of the fortunate fibromyalgia sufferers in that I knew almost immediately what I had as my mother had it too. In March I had an event that lasted several days when I had slamming fatigue, flu symptoms, nausea. I expected to get better but I didn't. The...
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    Social Security Disability

    Hello Everyone, It is so great to have a forum like this for support. The last thing my doctor told me was "this day will be your best day as you will only digress", accept you know have a disability. I wanted him to be very forthright with me and he was, it meant the world to me and I am so...
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    I just thought I'd share my experience with acupuncture.. A friend gave me the idea to give it a try, so I did; I went to three different places and got three quite different treatments. 1. Place : acu needle in my forehead and a few points in the head (supposedly to cure my chronic fatigue) -...