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    Do these symptoms point to ALS or Fibromyalgia?

    Hi, Do the following symptoms point to ALS or Fibromyalgia? -Numbness in all four limbs, that started occurring suddenly. -Neck pains, with pains that feel like they're shooting from the neck into the back of the head. -Pain in the spine, feels like someone is stabbing me. -Pain in my ankle...
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    hi can someone help fibromyalgia diagnosis

    I am 40 years old... sometimes i would wake up w/ an almost burning sensation in both forearms and my hands would feel stiff...then as I got up for the day it would go sometimes during the day my forearms just feel sore or like a little burning like i used my muscles too much...if I...
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    Neuropathy pains

    Has anyone experienced neuropathy type pains when diagnosed with ALS?
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    Reason for Concern? Long Sorry- New

    Hi, My name is Heather and I've been reading this forum for several months and want to say what a terrific, helpful site this is! I've had "MS" like symptoms on and off for over 25years, and along with those I've had "widespread" fasiculations. I've wasted a lot of time worrying myself sick...
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    is ALS starting? or fibromyalgia?

    :oops:Hello all I'm 27 male, I'm still not diagnose but I have some very frightened symptoms and I want to hear your oppinions. In March of 2007 after very stressful situation I started a lot of symptoms: -Fasciculations all over my body(very strong I can see my body parts twitching)...
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    increased repetitive potentials/ALS?

    Hi-- I have been diagnosed with NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) as well as polyendocrine dysfunction and an undetermined autoimmune disease that is sjogrens like and lupus like, and have severe spinal degeneration, osteophytes, canal stenosis, herniated disks and scoliosis throughout the...
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    Fibrofog, symptoms and diagnosis or ALS?

    jattd, I am not a doctor, and don't know of one on this forum that specializes in Neurological symptoms. But, what you describe does not sound like ALS. Your doctor mentioned Fibromyalgia. Have you pursued that avenue of thinking? Have you gone to a pain clinic for evaluation? There are...
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    severe fatique, please help me out w/ questions

    In October of 2007 I pretty much went from feeling great, perfectley healthy to feeling extremely tired with both arms and both legs feeling very heavy and weak. They feel like they have weights on them. I am also very dizzy. I just woke up one day feeling this way. I also have had a twitch in...
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    Should I be Tested for ALS?

    Ive been pondering if I should be tested for ALS or not. The problem is I dont trust doctors and have avoided going to one for the last 6 years. Here's my story. 9 years ago after more then a year of going to the doctors with complaints of muscle soreness and fatigue I was finally diagnosed...
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    Fatigue and tirednesss

    My mom has ALS and she gets so tired so easily. She has to have a nap everyday and she can only do about one activity a day, like go to the doctor. Just getting dresses causes her fatigue, or having a visitor over, if they stay to long, wears her out. Is this normal for ALS? Should I be...