1. SweetWithSour

    Pain management apt: excitment, anxiety, and fear

    I have my pain management doctor appointment tomorrow. Part of me is thrilled and about time as this was scheduled in October. There is also a lot of anxiety and fear of repeats of past experiences with pain management, or I should say lack there of. They resulted in psych consults, and pain...
  2. B

    Seeking Feedback. Fibro, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue or all or none?

    I'm still learning about what is and isn't fibro. Today. I got going okay this morning, I had an early appt, 8:30, but an hour later, I felt dopey tired. By 10 I felt good, into work and then about 12 I struggled to keep my eyes open. By 1 I'm up and off again. (this is bookwork o the...
  3. D

    New pain in random areas

    Hi, my symptoms have been pretty much the same since my diagnosis. Recently I have been experiencing new pain in new areas. It seems to come on really quickly. For example tonight it’s in my right jaw. One minute it was fine and now it’s really painful. I’ve been feeling very anxious about my...
  4. B

    Husband Day to Day

    New to the forum and wanted to reach out to those of you that could offer some guidance on care giving role I play. My wife of 35 years has battled Fibro for 7 years now. Background: I still work full time and have to travel out of town occasionally. She manages pain with Butrans patch and...
  5. L

    Diagnosed Today!!!

    hi everyone, Just got diagnosed today. Honestly always thought this was just a diagnoses doctors give when they dont know whats wrong! I have been a full time waitress for 38 years and just thought the pain was due to that. However the pain is so constant and fierce that I finally had to go...
  6. G

    Juvenile Fibromyalgia? Feeling like a liar

    Hi! I'm a 16-year-old Canadian who has been generally healthy with the exemption of anxiety, depression and anemia, but I've been noticing my body has had a lot of non-visible wear and tear. My friend's joke that I'm old as if I stay still for too long I get up groaning like an old man. I've had...
  7. H

    Help and support

    Hi. I'm new to this. I have been diagnosed with M.E and fibromyalgia. I have really low mood and I think I've tried most anti depressants. I'm currently taking amitriptyline 50mg. I tried to go up to 75mg but couldn't tolerate this so had to come down again. I don't really know if it is...
  8. R

    Wondering about symptoms

    Hi folks - brand new here. I used to think fibro was just all severe pain all the time, but recently saw something about the other symptoms and how the level and type of pain varies per person, and it made me want to research some more. For the past couple of years (ever since a seriously...
  9. C

    Struggling Around Ever Returning to Normal Work

    I am 46 next month. I am waiting for a SSI court hearinng 15 months out. But I want to attend grad school slowely too. I am sure I need multiple other diagnosis. That contribute to med. Intolerances too. I have had so much degenerative disc disease and neck pain I fear being unable to cope with...
  10. R

    Random Paresthesia pain like Electric shock, burning sensation and Pins.

    On 23rd June, I woke up with a pain in my right hand palm which felt different compared to all the pain I experienced before. It doesn't looked like some bone pain or pain after cramp. It felt like the pain was coming from inside the body and to be precise it felt like it was coming from Nerve...
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