1. Forgetmenot

    Bi polar

    So today I'm told I indeed have bi polar two. I have been hyper manic for a few days now and not slept for all!.the down side is when the crash comes with the fibro it's going to be flipping painful.I'm pretty sure bouncing up and down like a rubber ball in the Dr office sealed the deal...
  2. M

    I'm getting nervous. Do I ask

    Do I dare ask my dr for something other than cymbalta like valume.? I know in my heart they are not good for you , but the intensity I have lately is tremendous maybe because it's my Dad's birthday this month. He passed away 10 yrs ago. Today has been awfull!,,, it's the noise. I can't take it...
  3. B

    restless leg syndrom

    Hello iam male age 29, i have been diagnosed for fibromyalgia after three year suffering. I have sleep dysfunction because of restless leg syndrom. How do you guys solve it, what medicine u take. My leg feel like playing football. Amitriptyline just recently dont work anymore :-(
  4. E

    Different pain. Also fibro?

    July 2014 I started having sharp shooting pains so intense my limb would spasm. It would happen anywhere, totally unprovoked. My arm, then my foot, the in my chest, the my hand... it was baffling and very scary for me. After relatively normal blood tests, EMG, MRI of brain & c-spine I was...
  5. N

    If i only knew!

    If I only knew that my Medicare Part D insurance Humana would raise my cost from $100 to $300 for my cost of Lyrica I would have stayed on Neurontin even though it was not effective on my really bad flare ups. I had no idea I would be going through withdrawals right now. Has anyone had the...
  6. E

    new depression

    I've always been an incredibly resilient person but this morning my therapist of 3 years suggested I think about seeing a psychiatrist and taking an antidepressant. I'm at a new "low" so to say. I'm 31 y/o, started having the crazy weird unexplainable pains about 9 months ago, was diagnosed with...
  7. M

    Pain and more Fibro IDK

    I have had a relatively healthy life, at this point 32 I do not get sick, IE no flu, fevers, colds etc are a rarity, but instead I get odd ball ailments. I don't what causes them but they are becoming more frequent. I will break down the major stuff in my life Chicken pox at 4 Shingles at 14...
  8. Forgetmenot


    ok il say it if fibro hasn't put you in bed DONT DO IT. I've had this many years, and one things I've learned is ,if u go to bed you don't get up. I don't mean sleeping. It seems that many ppl with fibro are driven to there bed through pain and onces there can't seem to get up again for weeks at...
  9. Forgetmenot


    hmm well I don't no if it's fibro stress or me throwing the dogs ball everyday. With one of them ball throwers . My neck back of head and eyes bloody hurt non stop unless I'm laying down or on pain killers.maybe it's all three, What wrong is I really feel like I have flu ,but I no I don't it's...
  10. idlehour

    So much pain

    I hate being in so much pain all the time. I mean im tired to, so tired. but the pain is what really irks me. I am so sore and achey and just want to cry in a ball sometimes. laying in bed doesnt even help anymore because then im just laying in pain thinking about the pain. tylenol doesnt do...