1. T

    New here!

    Cant think of why its taken me this long to join a group. I have suffered for 13 years now. It all started with my first hip replacement in 2003 at the age of 35 when active joint replacements were still in an expiremental stage. Since, I had a second replacement on the other hip in 2008, when...
  2. J

    Can't find a doc!

    Hi everyone, First off my thanks to all you fellow sufferers, may you have a pain free day! I was diagnosed with fibro in 1989, got SSD on the first try, which as many of you know it is not easy to do. It has been a long road but found a Rheumy about 15 years ago who finally prescribed...
  3. P

    New to Site but NOT New to Fibro or Pain

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... sorry, I could not resist. That is just one of my other conditions rearing its head, StarWarsNerd-itis. Hey, we have to find something to laugh about, right? Anyway, I guess this is my Fibro story... I was always an active kid. I mean, I had my share...
  4. T

    Can you still do the same activities?

    My friend used to enjoy playing football. Now, we gather around and play at times but it's really difficult for him, since he experiences random pains all the time. What about you?
  5. C

    I wish we didn't need this...

    Hi everyone! My name is Crystal. I unfortunately was diagnosed with Fibro in November. I kinda knew I would eventually be diagnosed with fibro because my mom has been suffering with it for 10+ years. I have been going through some sort of illness for the last five years. If it wasn't some...
  6. Gerbentrelle

    Fibro, Mental Illness, and Youth

    Every case of fibro/CFS is different. In my case, I was diagnosed at the age of 18 following previous diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, ADD, and Asthma. Due to my lengthly list of health concerns, I think that my dad, sister, and brother have written me off as dramatic...
  7. twiztc

    Our Fibro brains are really fickle

    Not really a rant or anything, just an observation, a query. Now the past couple days I have been in quite a lot of pain. Monday it was getting to me and I was near to tears on and off and when I got home from work I collapsed on the bed exhausted from it all, hoping to go to sleep. I didn't...
  8. B


    My name is Br. John ... I'm a Benedictine Monk and have been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Having said that, the Specialist believes that I have had it for many years but was undiagnosed because of my physicians unwillingness to refer me to a Rheumatologist. My GP just thought it was...
  9. M

    hurting in everyway

    oh grr i just typed this long vent and the system kicked me out without posting it so I have to start all over but what's the point. I am having a rotten day after a very physically and emotionally stressful 3 days. oh well maybe i can word it better this time. Saturday my husband and I...
  10. twiztc

    The "Wot Don't Hurt" game

    Ok the rules one entry per day. Think about your body and pick the one body part that hurts the least. just a bit of sillyness. I'll get the ball rolling big toe