1. R

    Do you read the Bible

    In this world, wonders on top of wonders are happening. Ditto with problems. The world is stumbling from one crisis to another and even the best brains are mystified by the flux and unpredictability of events. During my quiet moments I research on the Bible and have come to learn alot, much more...
  2. J

    Just feeling overwhelmed..

    :(These last few weeks have been a bear...dealing with knee pain ....dealing with a change in pain meds...and now facing my husband leaving for a job 2 1/2 hours out of town for 9 months... Now my husband's job move would not be so bad as I can visit him on the weekends or he can come home if...
  3. M

    Rheumatologist Revelation...

    I was referred to a rheumatologist and got an authorization to see him the other day, so I made an appointment. Upon getting there, I find that a staff member is in the waiting room selling vitamins and vitamin shots in the front office and also leading prayers and reading from the bible. This...
  4. R

    Are you considering moving to a medical marijuana state?

    Would you go to that length to treat your fibromyalgia? The residents of the bible belt will be waiting a long time for medical marijuana laws to pass in their states. Are you considering moving to a medical marijuana state?
  5. 1sweed

    Plain Wore Out

    Do you ever have days where you feel like dropping on the sofa or staying in bed for days do to fatigue? These last few weeks have been very draining for me. To many errands and things I must do, like caring for my garden and yard, my mother and going to bible study. It seems even the days...