1. PazzyRay

    Dealing with Comorbid Conditions (such as Bipolar)

    Hello, apologies if this had been covered before. i searched the forum and only saw one discussion on the topic, which was locked. I am interested if anyone else has a serious comorbid condition(s). How have you dealt with overlapping symptoms and differing treatments? Did you focus on one...
  2. Forgetmenot


    im so angry, I don't even no why,I've been angry for years,I'm on two lots of antidepressants .and wait to see hospital for bipolar .idont no weather my fibro has done this ,or weather it's just in my make just so cross. Some days I just want to scream and never stop.i hate feeling like this
  3. L

    Im at my wits end

    I am struggling lately. After spending 5 months on disability leave due to a failed hand surgery I went back to work at the end of September. I was very happy, making good money and finally felt like I had a purpose. The job was very stressful and I wasnt happy but I did my best because I...
  4. L

    New member, new story

    Hello! I am a new member although I signed up a long time ago I finally decided to post after some recent crappy events. I decided to share my story with you all in hopes of finding someone who can relate, which I am pretty sure most of you can. But anyway, I apologize for the length of it in...
  5. T

    Building symptoms for several years...and?

    My only medical diagnoses are "Pure O" OCD and Bipolar type 2 with associated depression -I've been depressed off and on since I was 13. I'm on lamictal and lexapro. I'm 27. I noticed my first weird symptom about 4 years ago. Floaters in my eyes and weird numbness and tingling in my...
  6. R

    Hello My New Fibro Family.

    I have not been well for years wondering how I could possibly have so many things wrong with me and not be dying or have a diagnosis. And I am known to have a high pain tolerance as it is. My family Dr has pre-diagnosed me but I am still waiting on a waiting list here in Winnipeg MR to get in to...
  7. E

    Newly diagnosed, but suspect it has been here for years

    I have basically not felt well for a number of years. I have had ongoing lower back issues (arthritis and degenerative disc disease) for about fifteen years. I have thyroid issues, was hyper then they gave me the radiation to get rid of my thyroid so now I am hypo without medication. The doc...
  8. S

    Trigger Event/ Traumatic Childhood

    Snckrs here. So I have some questions for everyone. Pretty person ones too, but heres why. I have heard from several different places that "most" people with fibromyalgia have had trigger events. Also "most" have had traumatic events in their childhood. I know there is truth to these statements...
  9. F

    Gluten and the staff of life

    It’s doubtful that the biblical staff of life exists any longer. In the 1960s and 70s, genetic engineering transformed wheat and other grains into poorly nutritional but more profitable products. Engineered grains have challenged physiology and general health. The culprit appears to be glutens...
  10. E

    Hello for Northern Illinois (not Chicago)

    Hi,I I was first diagnosed with Fibro in 1995. A pain specialist confirmed it in 1998. I am bipolar, have disc problems in my back and now need a second foot surgery to fuse the bones in the middle of my right foot after it was crushed in a car accident. I have been on disability since 1998...