1. D

    Nervous breakdown

    Has anyone ever had a complete breakdown as a result of the pain/grief and lack of achieving impacting on your wellbeing to such a huge degree......i am affected head to toe...girly bits stomach included and all affected 24/7 not the way i had it up until a while ago..... bad days but some...
  2. W

    New to forum

    Hi I am new to this forum and just sending everybody a nighttime To sleep hello. As I was going through the forum I was reading about Anxiety (x), Pain that never stops (x) - I have herniated cervical Disks and severe cervical Foraminal stenosis ( causes severe muscle Tension in my neck...
  3. C

    my journey with morphine withdrawals.

    Well folks, as you know from my posts, i have moved to the mountains in AZ. i am getting reduced pains here. elevation works! i went to a pain mgt doctor on the mountain and i found they are uneducated and uncaring. the doctor said i was crazy and I was making up that i had my diagnosis. as...
  4. P

    friends & fibro

    I am wondering what I can say to so called friends when they continue to "poo-poo" my condition, telling me i should keep going, their aches & pains don't keep them down. Today has been spent in bed sleeping most of the day. I was supposed to drive myself & a friend to the beach for the day. 4...
  5. B

    looking for a doctor in wilmington nc

    I have had fibromyalgia thyroid with chronic pain for 10 years I have alot of post on this site .the headaches joint neck shoulders really what doesn't hurt with chronic fatigue its really hard to say glad to see I'm not alone and got place to talk to someone who knows everyone else...
  6. P

    Newly diagnosed and feeling afraid and alone

    Hello, my name is Lilith Moon. I was diagnosed a week ago, although I've had symptoms for months. I was passed from doctor to doctor all saying they believed it was fibromyalgia but no one helped me or have me medication until I could barley move, walk, or stand. I was asked what it feels like...
  7. TheLittleWren

    New here, 22 and going through the diagnosis process

    Hi all I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself. :) My name is Brooke and I'm 22. For about 4 years now I've been suffering, but we think it's been longer than that. The last two years my more extreme symptoms have come to the surface -- full body pain, horrible joint pain, a fever of...
  8. N

    New to support group

    Hey there! I'm really excited that I found this website and will be able to get some much needed understanding. My husband, family and friends are caring but it's different to be able to speak with someone who actually has the same diagnosis as me. I was diagnosed with FMS 10/2014 and had been...
  9. F

    Helping Someone You Love with Fibromyalgia

    Aside from being caring , loving and understanding about Fibromyalgia , what are the best things someone can do to help someone they Love that has Fibromyalgia ?
  10. L

    My world turned upside down

    If I don't vent, I'm going to explode. After years of supporting my husband and ensuring I had medical insurance coverage for him, caring for him,sending him to specialists, assisting with disability, etc.....he has decided that he needs to move on with his life because it's too hard living...