1. Forgetmenot


    Well I'm in a flare,I did my floors.on hands and knees.its the kind of flooring that have a dirt gets stuck in tiny grooves. And a mop just doesn't clean once a month I do it . And that was it I felt like death after.theres no way on earth my mum and dad can do it. And there is no...
  2. J

    Fibro or MS ???

    Hello! I am brand new here and have been dealing with so many issues over the past few years. A little about me: I am almost 50, dx Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Diabetes T2, Degenerative Disc disease, DOuble sided sciatica, arthritis, and as of Wednesday my Rheumotologist said I have either MS or...
  3. G

    It's not all about the pain

    Firstly let me say thankyou for providing such a supportive and informative site. This is the best one I have found so far. My journey with Fibro has been a bit of an unusual one. Having 2 bouts of Ross River Virus left me with CFS which I had thought to have managed reasonably well. However...
  4. J

    Hi every one ;-)

    Nice to meet you all and great to be able to speak to other FM guys n gals I've had FM for 30yrs.( although on my hospital file 1987 it clearly states this woman's symptoms point to her having FM ) I then went another 15yrs going back & forth to doctors, hospitals being told I had arthritis...
  5. G

    MRI Ok, B12 good, muscle weakness

    Hi, I don't know how to start this, only by asking some questions. I know you guys can't diagnose me or anything, I'm working on things-I just want to know if some of the symptoms I've been having for years are real. I had the muscle twitch test done, and the docs thought I had PLS. I had a lot...