1. vickythecat

    let's list our embarrassing complaints

    Hi, I thought maybe it is time for us all to share our embarrassing complaints, mostly to know that we often actually all suffer from the same. It can be fibro-related or not, more or less embarrassing/serious, but let me start off with my list; - vaginal flatulence - I don't know why I suffer...
  2. C

    Partner Tentatively Diagnosed

    I'm dealing with doctor frustration like never before!! I personally suffer with Interstitial Cystitis and I feel I'm pretty used to dealing with doctor silliness, but I don't understand this at all. About 6 months ago, in October 2016, my partner (19 y/o female) began experiencing abdominal...
  3. Aurelia

    I Am In A Lot Of Pain And Need Help

    Hi everyone, I'm new and from Australia. I am so glad that I just found this forum. :) A friend recommended looking up Fibromyalgia when I was discussing the symptoms of my ongoing illness and pain on my Facebook. I post there to try and cope with what I'm going through and my online friends...
  4. S

    My Fatigue Is Horrible

    I haven't been here in a while, and had forgotten I use to be a member. I found this forum again, and after reading what Fibromyalgia can do to us I knew it was time to come back here. I also have sjogren's, lupus, hypothyroid, and diabetes type 2, so I think I have been minimizing what this...
  5. K

    Fibromyalgia without typical pain

    I was sure the "do I have this?" questions would be numerous and look there's a whole section for it. My situation is complex and my brain is all foggy and tired but I'm trying to leave the blackout curtain open long enough to cool the room so I will try to get started and probably ramble on...
  6. K

    Long time Fibro patient needs advice

    I also have cerebral palsy. I was diagnosed Fibro (and IBS) 15 years ago. Always been mostly manageable but the last week or so has been tough. Cramps (Mostly at belly button level), constipation (I can still #2 with "effort"), no blood in stool except for when I'm straining and I wipe...
  7. S

    Supplements that I presume have helped

    Over the past month I've added some vitamins/supplements sporadically; not daily, but on a fairly regular basis. I'm going to outline what I've taken, and what I've seen improvements in. Q-nol CoQ10 - 1-2x per week Solgar B-50 complex - 1x per week store brand Vitamin D3 1,000mg - apprx. 3-4x...
  8. T

    Do these symptoms check out?

    Hello, I'm 27 and, after looking up the symptoms of fibromyalgia, I'm wondering if I may not be suffering from it. I also looked up some of the possible causes of fibro. I'll begin when the symptoms started, after I had a mRSA infection at the age of 22. The doctors surgically removed the...
  9. G

    Random pain

    I was diagnosed as "probably" having Fibromyalgia last October when i mentioned my aches and pains and anxiety and IBS to my doctor. He, however has no real experience with treating fibro so I've been trying to wing it on my own. My symptoms now are: overall fatigue joint pain unrelieved by...
  10. S


    While attempting to put the pieces of this fibro puzzle together for myself, licorice came to mind. I remember reading once that licorice could cause adverse effects in some people: this is according to the University of Maryland Medical Center: "Licorice with glycyrrhizin may cause serious...
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