1. D

    finally have an answer

    Hello, my name is Dawn, I'm 37, and I just got my official diagnosis yesterday. I have been living with this beast for about three years. I had no Idea why I was always in pain. I go through bottles of ibuprofen like they are tic-tacs. I hate the sweats, burning sensations, foot cramping...
  2. S


    Hi! I'm a new member. After much searching I decided on this forum for my information, compassion, help, and just to ask and vent about my fibromyalsia. I was diagnosed with FM and RP (raynauds phenomenon ) 7 years ago. I have been expierencing excruciating pain for the last year...
  3. M

    Muscle twitching and cramps

    Hello, I am wondering how many experience all over muscle cramps and twitching. I have contstant visible twitching in my calves for years, and daily cramps, mostly hands, feet, back and ribs, but rarely legs or arms, just constant heavy, tight feeling in arms. How have you handled the...
  4. Dorchin

    I'm 16 and the doctor is sure that it's fibro.

    Hello everyone! I'm a student in Ireland. I haven't been having a great year so far. Before Easter, I was struck down with a heavy virus, I missed a week of school. I slept for hours and I couldn't do anything. Fast forward to the start of May and I suffered with severe GI problems. We all...
  5. S

    Help! need advice

    ok to start this out I am a 22 year old male and about 3 or 4 years ago I started experience cramping type pain in my legs has always been both legs never just one I went to the doctor and at that time he had thought I had hurt my back and I had some nerve test done on my back and everything...
  6. T

    Your experience with IUD Paragard?

    I take alternative hormonal therapy but it does not provide any contraception. I'm giving consideration to getting Paragard (my holistic GYN said that's the only one she would recommend) but I'm nervous about the potential side many people with Fibro, my body is super sensitive to...
  7. T

    frequent foot cramping

    I have something new that has started and it is no fun! I have been getting cramps in my feet quite bit lately. I have increased pain in my arms and hands, shoulders and hips too. does anyone else have this problem? :-(
  8. L

    Twitching, Cramping, ALL OVER

    Does anyone else experience cramping and twitching ALL OVER (including hands, legs, ankles, knees ect.) Is this common of fibro? Thank you for your insights! I am very worried and need reassurance !
  9. C

    Cfs, fibro, or both?

    Never been diagnosed yet. I'm 53, have been having undiagnosed, random issues since I was 15. Eye twitching, lasting days to months, affecting my vision and making my eyes cross. bilateral shoulder pain that lasted for months at 20. So painful,I would put my arms inside my t shirt to hold my...
  10. Forgetmenot


    my legs are so painful. Cramping pulling stinging I can't explain how much they hurt even the soles of my feet.:( I have muscle relaxers but I'm not sure if I can't take them with my new meds.and can't ring Dr till tomorrow .