1. R


    Dropped in to say hi....HI and to see if one of you have found that magic cure/relief from this curse.
  2. K

    New to forum. Fibro sucks.

    I am in my 40's. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, after 5 years of misdiagnosis and doctors thinking i'm crazy. I had gone through extensive testing for Lyme, Lupus and MS. And doctors telling me I was depressed and that's why I felt the way I felt. I thought I WAS going crazy. My life was...
  3. M

    Fatigue so bad it's painful

    I'm having quite a long bout of fatigue this time around. Even though being recently diagnosed, I've been dealing with this for years. It feels so great to have a long run of energy that I almost forget I'm sick. Until either the pain or crippling fatigue catches up to me. I can deal with the...
  4. vickythecat

    Remarks from doctors - that hurt real bad

    Hi, After many years of living as a recluse, I finally started going to doctors and getting referrals to see specialists. From the 1st doctor I went to; while in a full blast panic attack, these are the remarks she made; - "you should start working" (yeah because I finished an ivy league...
  5. R

    Hello! I'm Rhi and I have Fibro/CFS and diabetes.

    For years, my previous doctor told me that I was exhausted and in pain because I had sleep apnea even though I never once snored or stopped breathing in my sleep. He told me I was overweight and all my pain was because I was too fat. (I don't disagree that my weight was an issue, however at this...
  6. R

    Could I Have Fibro?/First Rheumatologist Appointment

    Good Day All, I have been considering the poitential I have Fibro for a while and would love to speak with some experienced veterans or even just knowledgeable members about it. Quick medical history, I was in 7 car accidents with in 5 years, I've been treated with physical therapy, massage...
  7. 1sweed

    Interesting Read

    I got a magazine in the mail called Pain-Free Living, and it has a good article in it by a doctor Abraham Rivera, M.D., called Perplexed By Pain. In the article he talks about how hard it is to find reasons for pain and it usually becomes a process of elimination being the only way doctors can...
  8. C

    Pain gets worse

    I moved up my 1st follow up appt one week because pain is bad. The pain in my ribs is finally gone....and just when I thought things were getting better I developed horrible pain on the right side of my neck, shoulder, wrist, and upper back and the heavy fatigue remains. Holy cow, now I...
  9. vickythecat

    Raising Awareness and Taking Action

    Hi, Aren't we all frustrated how time and time again doctors have not taken us seriously? Or how fibromyalgia is not considered serious enough for certain benefits, social help, disability payments, referrals to occupational/physical therapists etc? Or how people around us just see this outer...
  10. vickythecat

    What is your own theory as to why/how you have fibro?

    Hi, I completely respect the medical community - from the many hardworking, dedicated researchers, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, counselors etc. I am also very sure that there are teams all around the world, people who are currently devoted to finding the cause and cure...