1. S

    Seriously, how can we cope with daily life?

    Ok, first I am having a good day in the mental health sense, but am really starting to wonder how best to cope on a day to day basis? Today I pushed myself far to much in a physical sense, ( again) purely because there's so much needs doing in house and garden let alone other stuff. So...
  2. D

    Daily Pain Progression

    Does any of you feel pretty good once you get moving in the morning, then by mid afternoon to evening the pain just progresses? You fool yourself thinking that maybe it's not so bad then by evening it comes back with a vengeance. That's been my experience lately.
  3. Dimps TheAlien

    Daily struggle

    Hi. It's been a while since I posted. I did get a tens unit. It helps a lot. The burning, tingling, stabbing pain in my back is chronic. I wish I knew what it was but believe it's nerve related. Then I have chronic what I think may be costochondritis (sp?). It hurts at base of sternum and around...
  4. B

    Husband cares for wife of 35 years

    I am new to this forum and it is helpful to seek and learn from experienced ways to cope with a loved one suffering from this insidious disease. I must say however, it shocked me the general view that husbands, men are incapable of support and kindness to their loved ones. I am sure that some...
  5. Raegan

    Hello everyone! <3

    Hello fellow warriors! My name is Raegan. I'm 29 years old from Buffalo, NY. I've been suffering with fibromyalgia daily for the past year, but I've had symptoms since high school. I was diagnosed last fall with fibromyalgia and sleep apnea, and recently with selective IgA (immunoglobulin A)...
  6. MorgueKitty


    Good day or evening, My name is Morgan (or Morg for short), and I am new to the site. I have been living with fibro symptoms for the last 15 years or so. I started noticing the symptoms when I was about 16. It started with random muscle and joint pain, and then went on to include migraines...
  7. W

    Guaifenesin Protocol

    I was diagnosed with Fibro and RA in 4/2015. A double whammy for sure! I started getting Myer's Cocktails I.V. until Hurricane Maria wiped out the pharmaceutical factory in Puerto Rico & now the medications cannot be obtained. I recently started reading a book: What Your Doctor May Not Tell...
  8. P

    Gabapentin - insanely awake.

    TLDR; I've gone from sleeping 16-22 hours per day to sleeping only 3 hours and feeling super wide awake and active since taking Gabapentin. Anyone else experience this side effect? So I've been on Gabapentin 300mg 4x daily (1@breakfast, 1@lunch, 2@bedtime) to treat fibromyalgia for almost a...
  9. S

    Newly Diagnosed

    I was diagnosed a week ago, but have had symptoms going back 30 years. My rheumatologist didn't give me much guidance. I am already on Cymbalta, try to exercise daily, go for chiro and massages. I heard B12 injections can be helpful. Anything else I can do.
  10. C

    Having a flare & can’t think straight

    I’m having a flare in my left side upper back/neck. It’s like a burning pain and I can’t get comfortable. I didn’t sleep at all last night. I feel panicky and hopeless and i don’t know how to resolve it. I’ve used dry heat and moist heat. I’ve taken Valium and tramadol (not at the same time)...