1. Lana


    Anger at..... The pain and the exhaustion. The fibro fog that makes me look like I have Dementia. The longing to go back to work but knowing that its impossible. The feeling of being useless. The days my mind and body fight, my mind wants to do everything and my body says NO WAY!! Fighting to...
  2. M

    Roller coaster symptoms.

    Hi , I'm just so tired of the never knowing what I'm going to wake up feeling like. June and July are hard months ? Sick of waking up knowing it's going to be a lot of work! Even after taking my medication I'm still not able to think straight for at least 2 hours. Then it gets okay for...
  3. B

    A continuing saga

    I continue to be frustrated with getting a diagnosis. Continuing pain and discomfort and fatigue. Up until this year I was working as a substitute teacher at a local girls high school. I loved working there and always felt like I was coming into a strong caring community. I have always had...
  4. M

    Blood tests- is it really fibro??

    Went to the doctor with a long list of pain- arms, shoulders, elbows, wrists, swelling in hands and feet, cold hands- always, daily migraines, severe jaw pain, inability to lose weight, thought I had dementia, never feel rested...the list goes on and on. Have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism...
  5. D

    Dementia or fibro fog?

    My memory of things years ago is still sharp. Recent events, however, are muddled. For example, I made my bed yesterday and have no memory of doing so. A family member witnessed me making the bed. I was abused as a child and later I was abused in my marriage. I was diagnosed with fibro a year...
  6. S

    Mitochondrial Damage and Fibro

    I hope this is OK to post; I had been on salmeterol xianofoate for off-label use during a clinical trial I had participated in. Towards the end of the trial, I started coming down with myofascial pain and a litany of other health issues that worsened and evolved over the past 8 months; things...
  7. V

    Newly diagnosed-struggling

    Hi to all Very recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and temporomandibular disorder, luckily got a quick and prompt diagnosis and started on treatment. Currently taking gabapentin, which am coping with but coming to terms with this illness is extremely difficult. My mood is extremely low to the...
  8. L

    This is my struggle

    :? Hi I'm new to this support group Forum. Unfortunately not to Fybro:-(. As a teacher I struggled with Fybro for almost 5 years before I just couldn't do it any more. It was the constant pain at the end of the day; the stiffness of being in one position and having to get students help me...
  9. Lana

    Fibro fog embarassment

    Fibro fog has been really bad for me, I have trouble talking to people and it is so embarrassing! I take my husband to important Doctors appointments because I know that I can't understand what they say. I feel it has become even worse and it scares the heck out of me. I went to talk to the bank...
  10. P

    fibro fog

    Hi everyone, just wanted to know about fibro fog. I had been having problems with remembering things and finding the right words to use. It's like my mind goes blank on the word and a while later I remember what it is. Does anyone else have this problem? It feels like I am already getting dementia.