1. T

    Another new pain in Fibro

    Hi Everybody I have just got over four days with terrible dental pain, cheek pain, jaw pain. I have heard that fibromyalgia can affect your teeth, but never had this one before, I felt like pulling all my teeth out, painkiller no effect. I am having acupuncture on Monday, having had this...
  2. D

    Can the mercury in dental amalgams cause fibromyalgia?

    Ingegerd Rosborg and her colleagues from the University Hospital in Goteburg, Sweden compared the levels of trace elements in the blood and urine of 38 females with fibromyalgia with 41 female controls to determine whether these elements have any role in the causation of the disease. They...
  3. D

    Burning mouth syndrome

    Anyone else suffer this along with fibro? If so, what came first and was there something that irritated the mouth or a dental treatment involved? Thrush? Medication caused? Any input would be greatly appreciated. D.
  4. N

    severe oral pain?

    Hello, all! I just developed a new and extremely painful symptom. seemingly overnight. A couple of days ago I noticed a sore inside my lower lip, right at the base of my gums. It was pretty painful but I figured it would go away in a couple of days. I've had canker sores before and I know they...
  5. 1sweed

    Burning Mouth Syndrome

    This topic has been mentioned by a few members of the forum, so I thought I would share some information about it. Burning mouth syndrome or sometimes called glossodynia, means tongue pain. However, the pain and burning can involve the lips and tongue, the roof of the mouth and inside of the...
  6. S

    Dental Problems?

    My mother has Fibro, and was diagnosed several years ago. She also has something the doctors are calling "burning mouth syndrome" where she can't handle ANYTHING spicy, not even black pepper, heck not even anything vinegary like tomatoes or pickles! She gets ulcers in her mouth that look...
  7. 1sweed

    Fluoride In Water Cause Of Fibromyalgia?

    I was reading an article yesterday about how the fluoride in our water supplies could be a reason for Fibromyalgia. It brought up some interesting points about fluoride that it was put in our water to help prevent tooth decay, but at the same time on our toothpaste tubes it clearly states that...