1. D

    Burning Pain..desperation

    Not sure how much more i can take of this excruciating burning pain all over my body 24/7. I literally am at screaming point all day and night and barely been out of bed for weeks now. I also have Interstitial Cystitis and vulvodynia....basically burning up in your external and internal lady...
  2. Tipnatee N

    What was the worst thing have you ever done to your self in time of desperation?

    Warning : PLEASE DON'T EVER DO IT. Cause I'm ashame to admitting but I have gone through the deep end with so many extremely painful flare up days and so many many sleepless night. But I felt the need to let other people knows about this so no one will fallen to the victim of the Desparation...
  3. D

    Face pain eye pain

    Anyone else have daily migraine eye pain sore throat and jaw/facial pain. The only thing i can do is use ice and not talk! Eating hurts voice is now hoarse and the muscles in my throat and into my ears jaw eyes throb all day. This has been what i call a weak area with some flares but...
  4. S

    Help for Fybromyalgia Flare Ups

    Hi, I'm Sonique50 and I Have Fybromyalgia. Is There Anything Anyone in the Forum Can Suggest to Do if You've Used Epsom Salts, the So Called Miracle Cure All, And Have Found That Though it Claims to Help Fybromyalgia it Actually Made Mine So Much Worse? And Has Anyone had a Similar Experience &...
  5. O

    Sleep (aka. desperation)

    I need any and all advice when it comes to sleep. My other symptoms are controlled enough that they do not interfere with my ability to function as a human being. HOWEVER, I cannot sleep during normal times and I am DESPERATE. I go from sleeping between 9am and 4pm some months to 3am to 11pm...
  6. S


    I have a spinal stenosis in addition to FM currently arthritis so bad I need a hip replacement too which my doc is saying I'll need to wait till I'm 60 or completely I mobile well I'm now into third week of being unable to sit down pain is so acute I've reached scream on top of hill point a...
  7. M

    Birmingham Doctors

    My wife suffers from Fibromyalgia. Her condition has become very desperate over the last few years and the doctors she has seen in our area (Mississippi gulf coast) have not been able to help. She heard of a doctor in the Birmingham area and would like to schedule an appointment to see him. He...
  8. S

    Hello fellow sufferers!

    I came to this forum out of desperation. I have had fibromyalgia for 11 years and I assume you all know it feels like a lifetime. I have tried everything out there over this period of time. Nothing helps for more than a few weeks/months. I have become suicidal. I think of it everyday. I...
  9. K


    I just joined this forum out of clear desperation. I was diagnosed with FB a few years ago after many doctors were unable to determine what else could be causing me the extreme pain, fatigue, depression, body tenderness (and this list goes on and on and seems to circle, with one causing the...
  10. D

    Fibromyalgia getting worse

    I have had fibro since 1996 and it has been manageable until this past year, when I was caring for my love, dying with cancer. I have gone from moderate to severe pain in the past year, trying everything available on the market to get relief. I can no longer be active, am terribly depressed, and...
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