do i have fibromyalgia

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    Do I have fibromyalgia??

    Hi everyone. I know y'all probably get this question 10000 times, but I have to ask, as my quality of life is so so bad and I don't have insurance, so getting all the tests I need is not an option at the moment.. I've been experiencing these symptoms for about the past year, but especially these...
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    Do I have Fibromyalgia?

    Hi! I hope you are all well, I just need abit of advice and help before I go to the dr. For years (at least 10) I have had pain, painful big knots, tightness, throbbing in my neck and shoulders, I get really bad headaches, sensitivity to light, weakness and vomiting. It isn’t constant but I get...
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    Do I have fibromyalgia?

    About a year ago I started getting pain in my chest and my ribs. Then I started noticing I was getting really out of breath and was getting a really fast heart rate from doing simple activities such as walking up stairs. I had EKGs done and the doctors said nothing was wrong with my heart. I...
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    Do i have fibromyalgia? ?

    Hi i have not been diagnosed with fibro myalgia however I have been diagnosed with chronic pain iam under the care of pain management i have also got (IBD )inflammatory bowel disease along with pains throughout my body I have degenerative bone in my spine i have burning sensation which comes and...
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    Sensitive to touch

    I'm having a lot of pain when I touch my skin a lot lately do I have fibromyalgia?
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    Do I have Fibromyalgia?

    Hi everyone. Newbie here. I'm glad I found this forum. This has been on my mind over the last couple of weeks. I am trying to find something that explains the pain I'm in. It started with one shoulder. Then both. Then my left hip. Now the pain is in my arms, legs and hands. My left...
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    Do I have Fibromyalgia?

    I'm in a little ADD group on facebook and i was posting my symptoms and one friend PMed me and told me she thinks i have fibromyalgia instead. She has it herself. She recommended this book called What you Doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia. I have been hurting a lot lately. I started a...
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    Do I have fibromyalgia

    Hi i am not sure if I am suffering from acute anxiety or the beginning of fibromyalgia. can anybody please advise. For the past two months I have been suffering form: White coated tongue Sleep disturbance. I can sleep no longer than 2-4 hours and then cannot go back to sleep. I don't wake...