1. D


    Good morning all I hope this post finds you doing well. I have only just began to learn about this, and to post here. I have multiple auto-immune issues as well as fibromyalgia. So I learn. My post today is about itching. It is driving me nuts!!! I am not panicking about it being liver of kidney...
  2. Forgetmenot

    Replys to driving port

    I can't see my replys to a thread I put up.all I see is one reply. So sorry for not answering anyone,to my driving post.
  3. Forgetmenot


    I've started driving lessons and after I feel so wiped out.i drive well,I'm on my dad's insurance,he has essential tremor,so I really need to pass my test.im told my teacher but he seems more interested in talking about other stuff. That brings me to another problem.this man who teaches me is...
  4. S


    Apparently this is where I post first, to say hello. Sorry for the long post. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few weeks ago, but have no doubt that I have had it for years, as I have had chronic pain and other symptoms for a long time. The GP was finally willing to send me to some...
  5. H

    Tired of being treated like an addict

    So today I had to go in person to get my prescriptions from my doctor an hour away. So after I had the medical assistant call me to let me know they were written so I could come get them, I get there and I have to have ID? She didn't think to tell me that when I had her call? Apparently it's a...
  6. E

    Hello-newly diagnosed

    Hello from Scotland. I was diagnosed with Fibro in August this year, however, although I do get pain and various strange symptoms, my main complaint is sleepiness. I was also diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in March this year and now use a CPAP mask, but the overwhelming sleepiness continues so I...
  7. H

    Need to vent about...everything

    I have been handling my fibromyalgia diagnosis for about 3 months, along with the degenerative disc disease diagnosis that I received at the same time, pretty well. In September, I suddenly lost use of my left leg for unknown reasons. The best guess anyone gave for this happening was a nerve...
  8. D

    Totally frustrated

    I am a newbie, and I have never been so frustrated in all of my 50 years of life. In 2014 I was rear ended by a company truck, at that time I started with neck pain and headaches. I dealt with the pain was x rayed, had MRI's no problems, soon after the burning started in my shoulders, the neck...
  9. E

    Vitamin D deficiency and chronic pain

    Hi everyone, This isn't actually about a cure or treatment for Fibro but none the less needs to be read by us Fibro persons. This could be the answer to your prayers or at least some of them in many ways! Hi, my name is Ellen and I am a chronic pain suffer. I was diagnosed in 2001 with...
  10. H

    Newly Diagnosed - Don't know if I can deal with this level of pain!!!

    Hi I am newly diagnosed, and was told to go see "someone that specializes in Fibromyalgia". The medicine that they gave me has run out. I have no insurance and can not afford to pay out of pocket. Thanks for taking the time to read this and am hoping someone can provide me with information...