1. D

    Amitriptyline - does it help?

    Hello all, I'm 20 and have very recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, although have suffered from it for around a year now. Alongside this, I have two shoulder conditions separate to the Fibro troubles, which I have been treated for for around 5 years now. After failed methods of treating...
  2. Tipnatee N

    Hello, I'm new here too , living drug free with FM nice to meet you all!

    Of course it's not that I want to live drug free with fibromyalgia, but I'm broke and now homeless too lol what can I say , gotta stay optimistic somehow right? :wink: I did most research on supplements, food, and lifestyle. Sometime I gets good days sometimes I don't ( some are pretty bad) ...
  3. J

    It's official... but Cymbalta?

    Well I got the diagnosis from the rheumatologist, it's fibro. My doc wants to put me on Cymbalta but I'm kind of afraid. I don't really like to take mind altering drugs, I've been reading up on the side effects, I have a very low tolerance for drugs that make one drowsy or dizzy. I was thinking...
  4. P

    It's official - starting on the right foot

    Hi all, Fairly new to the forum (been poking around since I realised I probably had fibro). I saw the rheumatologist yesterday and it's more or less official: I have Fibro. He checked for tender points (didn't get a count, but I have a bunch) and the symtoms questionnaire all came up positive...
  5. S

    The Depression Letter

    Reading the Fibromyalgia letters made me think I should write one like it, only talking about Depression. So I just now did. And here it is: I have spent more of my life depressed than I have spent being not depressed. Most people don't think that is possible, but believe me, it is. Many people...
  6. C

    Drug induced symptoms

    There are drugs that damage parts of your body that can produce symptoms of fibromyalgia
  7. P

    Start medication before diagnosis?

    Hi, New here. I suspect I likely have Fibro, and my pain has gone from occasional to more or less constant (mostly in my arms and legs). I saw my GP last week, who also agreed it could be fibro, and did offer to start me on drugs right away for the pain. I can't remember if she said Cymbala or...
  8. Aurelia

    I Am In A Lot Of Pain And Need Help

    Hi everyone, I'm new and from Australia. I am so glad that I just found this forum. :) A friend recommended looking up Fibromyalgia when I was discussing the symptoms of my ongoing illness and pain on my Facebook. I post there to try and cope with what I'm going through and my online friends...
  9. L

    Where do I go from here?

    I had my rheumatologist appt today and saw a different doctor. I've waited months to see them, have been at my GP constantly and am attending regular meetings with my boss at work due to sickness absence. I pinned all my hopes on getting some answers today and the doctor was useless! She said...
  10. M

    Homeostasis/Tolerance ruins every treatment attempt

    Does anyone else have problems with homeostasis and drug tolerance, to the point that whatever treatment you try only works for a couple months at best? I've taken and gabapentin, lyrica, baclofen. They all worked great...until they stopped working. Sleep aids are the same. Even diet! I...