1. S

    How do you explain chronic fatigue ..

    to someone who doesn't have Fibro, or understand it? I have pulled many articles up for my boyfriend to read, which I will say he does because I read it with him ;-) . The problem I have though is when we go off for the whole day, I come home and have to nap, even if its just an hour, so I can...
  2. Yatte

    A challenge for all forum members.

    I just started my own blog on the forum. Now I have a challenge for all of you. Start your own blogs too, and share all your emotions and experiences. This way we will learn to know each other better, and even be able to place some of our unexplained emotions.
  3. G

    Needing information

    I joined this group in October and have been reading your posts, almost daily, since then. This is my first post. Due to the fact that the medical community seems to have so few answers I find the antecdotal information on this site very helpful. This is my story: In the middle of August, 2006...