1. J

    19 and struggling

    I'm a 19 year old college student who was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I have been living with this pain for the last 3 years. I have severe anxiety and depression that goes along with a ridiculous amount of pain that never seems to go away and keeps me up normally till about 4am...
  2. D

    Nervous breakdown

    Has anyone ever had a complete breakdown as a result of the pain/grief and lack of achieving impacting on your wellbeing to such a huge degree......i am affected head to toe...girly bits stomach included and all affected 24/7 not the way i had it up until a while ago..... bad days but some...
  3. C

    Hi from Simcoe County Ontario

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 4 or 5 years ago. I find it really difficult to determine what information and practices are valid and effective. This includes information, advice and prescriptions from medical practitioners. I do have severe degenerative disc disease in my neck, which...
  4. 1sweed

    Ways To Take Care Of You!

    Symptom management is the hardest part of fibro, because it is hard to know when the symptoms of fibro end, and where a new illness might be begining. Also the no cure sends us for a loop, when all we want is for it to go away so we can enjoy life and be productive. This is a list of things you...
  5. 1sweed

    No Depression, But Filled With Hope

    Signs of Hope and enjoyment in your life, These signs of hope are from the mayo clinic. Most of us have some signs of hope and some of depression. If you are more on the depressive side consider seeking help. And also try to remain hopeful that things will and can get better. SIGNS OF HOPE...
  6. 1sweed

    Do You Watch Movies To Relax

    I must confess I love watching movies, and I can watch my favorites over and over again. As you can see I like horses and so my favorites are SeaBiscut and The Horse Whisperer, The Black Stallion and Lonesome Dove, and Return To Lovesome Dove. I don't have tv, because I can not afford it. So I...