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    Recently diagnosed, struggling with the future

    36yo male. I've been in pain since 12/18/2014. I know the exact day my life changed. Finally, after 9+ months of endless doctors and tireless irradiation of my body, I was given a Fibro diagnosis. At first, I really didn't want to accept it; I wanted a diagnosis that included a known fix...
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    I am new here and need help

    :-( it is now 251 AM I recently woke up is massive pain I can never get more than an hour and a half of sleep at a time and it is always restless because of the fibro and other problems I have with chronic pain I just can't live like this anymore. II feel like a burden to my family. All of this...
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    diagnosis after 6 years :)

    Hi all I am glad to have found this group :) im 36, mum of 5 children from Portsmouth England :) I finally got diagnosed after 6 years of going back and forth to a doctor, I was told I had depression and sciatica. ........ moved doctors and after 4 months told I have fibro :( glad I now can...