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    FM symptoms. Is this really FM? Help!

    Hi there – I was recently diagnosed with FM by my neurologist last week and am taking Cymbalta. I’ve had an appointment with my rheumatologist since then, and she isn’t so sure the diagnosis is entirely accurate. I was wondering if anybody could help me by sharing some of your personal...
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    Hi, I am new here. I'm a 25 year old wife and mother of 3. I am desperately trying to figure my health out. Up until a few months ago, I was the picture of health. Walked 2-3 miles a day, ate healthy, always had greataenergy. Sometime in October I began having extreme anxiety. Now over the last...
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    Paging Wright!

    I posted this in response to a thread by Inventor and Notme suggested discussing my EMG/NCS results with you. My neuro only sent me a summary, is that helpful to you or would you need something more specific? "Inventor, I've been following your thread closely and feel like I could have written...
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    NO diagnosis...worsening conditions.

    Hi everyone- Some of you may remember I posted here a few months ago, indicating problems with hand dexterity, face muscles feeling week and strange nerve like pain. About 8 months later, 2 limbs EMGs, head MRI, CT scan of chest, battery of blood work, (all negative) I ended up at MGH in...
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    Neuro thinks ALS, I want to believe it is Myasthenia Gravis

    Could really use your insight and direction... Knowing the ravages of ALS, I would much rather be diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis any day (even though that DX is terrible but it is at least somewhat manageable compared to ALS). I had to go into the ER today with difficulty breathing and...
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    Fibromyalgia versus ALS

    In response to a post: Your newest batch of symptoms sound more like fibromyalgia than anything else. ALS isn't going to cause pain in early stages. LOSS OF USE is what usually sends those with ALS to the doctor. They suddenly can't do something--for me, it was I couldn't push the buttons to...
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    Re: Update and not a good one

    Re: Update and not a good one Hi Becky LOL, I can't press the buttons on my Ford to unlock the doors--or the hairspray can to fix my hair. The weakness is definitely not 'perceived' it's all too real. My fingers just collapse. I can hold things in my arms, though. The neurosurgeon is the...
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    Methotrexate improve walking

    Hey All, Has anyone ever been on Methotrexate for stiff muscles/problems with walking in lower body? I could barely walk a short distance prior to being on these meds, let alone get off the bed/couch. My arthritis doc put me on Metho(10 mg) 6 mths ago for this. It helped after about 3-4...
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    is ALS starting? or fibromyalgia?

    :oops:Hello all I'm 27 male, I'm still not diagnose but I have some very frightened symptoms and I want to hear your oppinions. In March of 2007 after very stressful situation I started a lot of symptoms: -Fasciculations all over my body(very strong I can see my body parts twitching)...