1. L

    fever question

    HI, I'm Leeta am am new at posting in groups like this. does anyone have any advice to get rid of the low grade fever? do rx meds help? do otc med help? am i going to have to wait it out, it's been close to three months already, along with freezing/chill spells as well. Mostly i am burning...
  2. L


    hello / fever question Hi I'm Leeta, I've been suffering a large flare up starting back in May; main problem is the low grade fever that sometimes spikes. HOW can i get rid of this fever? Last time, it went on for 3months and finally went away - that was when i first was diagnosed. Now...
  3. S

    Rheumatic Fever/Inherited Disorders

    Thinking back to when I was a child, my mother told me that my father had something, and I remembered it as rheumatoid arthritis. As an adult, it never made sense to me, because my father into his late 70's would walk miles every day, lift things without a problem, never took more than an...
  4. Forgetmenot

    Guess what

    I have another chest infection that four this year.thr dr has put me on 4 inhalers.one is 2000 my ten times a day!. He told me my lung are not normal.and that being a sufferer of hat fever has made it worse. So he put me on pills for that to. And a pill to stop me wearing at night. The only good...
  5. K

    NEW HERE!! Question!

    Hi everyone! I've had fibromyalgia for at least 18 years. Probably longer. But lately when I wake up I feel so achy and chilled like I have a very bad flu. I also get very red cheeks like I'm running a high fever. I am single and have to work and it's getting so extremely difficult. It's like...
  6. K


    This has happened twice now to me, where I get the chills like I have a fever but there's no fever. Usually I'm hot but last night I was freezing and had to take a hot bath. Anyone else relate?
  7. G

    Fever & Balance

    Hi all, I need a bit of advice. I've had really troublesome balance problems today, to the point of nearly toppling over and numbness on the left side of my face and I keep having what feels like a fever on/off hot, clammy, sweaty that sort of thing. Are fever and balance problems common with...
  8. X

    Fibro? Or something else?

    Hi all! 28 male Australia here with some questions. I had an upper respiratory infection about 6 weeks ago (still have a cough) however iv had some really odd symptoms that I think might be fibro. - constant body aches, mostly quick sharp pains in joints and muscles - increase of anxiety...
  9. C

    my journey with morphine withdrawals.

    Well folks, as you know from my posts, i have moved to the mountains in AZ. i am getting reduced pains here. elevation works! i went to a pain mgt doctor on the mountain and i found they are uneducated and uncaring. the doctor said i was crazy and I was making up that i had my diagnosis. as...
  10. M

    Julie mitchell

    Hi everyone, I would like to tell you things that are happening to me & wondered if fellow sufferers have the same, I have all FM symptoms but I'm forever having colds n sore throats fever too. Any help would be appreciated x