fibromyalgia connection

  1. P

    Should I be scared?

    Recently I suspected that I had RA like my father did during his life. But after seeing a specialist in the field I found that no I didn't have RA I had OA in more than one joint and Fibromyalgia in mild form. Now some would think that is a better diagnosis but I found myself scared by the one...
  2. M

    Depression, a link to an article

    Just wanted to thank everyone who has responded to my questions on this website. You guys have really helped me feel like I am not alone in suffering this. You guys are all amazing and so brave and I am proud that there are so many of you out there with your chins up. I read this article, it's...
  3. Ryan88

    Fibro & Hypermobility?

    I was recently diagnosed with Fibro, then soon after was told I had extreme hypermobility in my joints (basically just means a wider range of joint movement than most people). My rheumotologist gave me some interesting website articles to check out that link Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility. I...