1. D

    I was diagnosed with fibromylagia in 2005

    Hi to all, I was diagnosed in 2005 with fibromylagia in 2005 i am at the moment having problems with fatigue back pain hip pain and the top of my shoulder is swollen i have been on loadz of meds including mophine. I also have an overactive bladder and use catheters i have to urinate evey half...
  2. T

    Newly diagnosed and very confused

    I can't believe everything I am feeling is fibromylagia. 4 years ago I started having sciatica. It would come and go and I worked through it. Did Zumba, walked 2 miles several times a week. But the pain got worse then just didn't go away. Sent to physiatrist who said it was sciatica and...
  3. S


    :confused: Hi. I am new to this support group but so happy I found you all! I had sudden extreme body pain in January of 2015. It took serval painful minutes just to get out of bed. Forget getting dressed and putting on shoes other than slip ons. After two weeks of unbearable pain, I went...
  4. D

    gabapentin reaction

    Hi , my history started with reiters syndrome about 25 years ago, had flare ups on and of and various drugs, I.e steriod injections, co, proxamol, naproxen.About 5 years ago was sent to rheumatologist for various blood tests he was unsure of r.s and diagnosed chronic pain syndrome. Gradually...
  5. Q


    I am new here and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, my family and I realized I have had it since childhood on and off, but now in my mid 40's it isn't going away. Nothing is helping it except not doing a thing...and as a woman, we all know that just doesn't cut it...not...
  6. V

    Scared to find out...

    Hello everyone. I am scared that I might have fibromylagia. My mom has this and she says she has it mildly. She doesn't sleep well and seems crabby and irritable a lot. I do not want to be that way. I know when I don't sleep well I says things I regret all the time. I have been having...
  7. T

    So upset

    I'm so upset. I just went to a chronic pain dr. who told me I don't have Fibromylagia because it started with one area of my body and then spread. He said, "it doesn't work that way!"I just have depression and I should see a psychologist. He didn't ask me any questions or do any tests just...
  8. Lana

    Clearing my throat

    Does anybody else experience a dry throat, loss of voice and a dry cough like something is caught in your throat? I've had this for a while and I'm wondering if it is a part of my fibromylagia.
  9. S

    Need a north Mississippi doctor!

    Hi! I am new to this forum, in desperate need of a doctor that will see and treat fibromylagia, if y'all could help me out, I would be forever grateful! The rheumatologist in my area, oxford does not treat fibromylagia.
  10. D

    New Here

    Hello my name is Denise Ravary and i live in Ontario, Canada. I was diagnosed with fibro about 2 years ago. Right now i am waiting to be x-rayed for feet, hands, knees and spine with the Rheumy so i sure hope they will be ok. I am here looking for info, friendship and support. Thank you. Denise