1. 1sweed

    Alterative Methods For Healing

    Since I have had Fibromyalgia, I spend lots of money trying to find an answer to how to manage the condition. I was told you need a team of doctors. So I had my family doctor and neurologist, a rheumatologist and a therapist. But I still felt weak and depressed, and alone in this battle. When I...
  2. G

    Protomyxozoa Rheumatica

    Protomyxozoa Rheumatica is a parasite discovered by hemotologist, Dr Steven Fry. He believes the organism may cause numerous neurological diseases, including ALS. The following is Part I of the transcript of a recent interview with Steven Fry, MD. Please do not expect your physician or other...
  3. G

    A Miraculous Misdiagnosis!

    Initially I was despondent upon being diagnosed with an inexplicable genetic variant of juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Being only 18 I assumed there was little if anything to remain living for. This all persisted until I stumbled upon an article regarding chemical neurotoxins and a...