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    Feeling Low

    Any words of encouragement or kindness would be nice....not feeling well...don't want to be a complainer.... but im sick and tired of being sick and tired.....bored and lonely. I am a cat lover and my two ginger boys died of very old age age 17 and 18 in the last couple of years. I saw a...
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    Photography benefits

    Obviously a huge problem with fibro, chronic fatigue etc is finding pass times that are enjoyable but not overwhelming. I have enjoyed (and occasionally still do but not regularly) horse riding and fishing but found problems with both. Then last year I started getting into photography starting...
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    Bad Neighbors=Bad Stress!

    Hello, everyone, sorry I haven't been on much lately. I have been dealing with so much. I live in the middle of nowhere practically and I have 1 neighbor. This neighbor moved here from a big city and he has been trying to make my life hell by threatening my life, Ramming his lawn mower into my...
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    Needing information

    I joined this group in October and have been reading your posts, almost daily, since then. This is my first post. Due to the fact that the medical community seems to have so few answers I find the antecdotal information on this site very helpful. This is my story: In the middle of August, 2006...