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    another new male member

    Hi all, As I stated in another post, I was diagnosed back in 1994 with fibro after tearing up my upper back muscles on the job. This caused my fibromyalgia which I learned to deal with untreated. Last May I had my bladder removed due to cancer and now even though I am "cancer free" I am in bad...
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    Just Writing

    Hi Everyone, This is my third thread here. I think I may be on this forum for a while. I like it here. I don't know how many people would be interested in what I have to say but I am going to give posting here a shot anyways. I want to start with a new attitude. I am going back to school...
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    Finally I know what's wrong with me

    Hi I am new to all this but have had Fibro for many years but just didn't know it til it progressed badly. I have been seeing different doctors for different ailments for years with no answers. Gastro docs...ortho docs...mri's with spine with panic attacks where I thought I was...
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    Sensory Overload

    Do you experience sensory overload with Fibromyalgia? This is an interesting the effects our senses have on Fibromyalgia. I have numbness and tingling sensations in my extremities, burning skin, sensitivity to odors and dry, burning eyes. I also get strange sensations like there are bugs...
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    Did Cipro cause your fibro?

    Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I will be 30 next month (eeekk!) 2 years ago I dropped something on my big toe, the nail ripped off, got infect so I went to a podiatrist. The podiatrist gave me a prescription for 1000 MGs a day of cipro for 28 days. A few months after being off the...