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    I'm scheduled to host a party

    Long story short, I'm a founding member of a young adult group at my church. The group likes to meet in each other's homes. I agreed quite a while ago to host this month's social at my house. When I agreed to this schedule, I wasn't quite so exhausted and I had a lot more passion for the group...
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    New Here

    Hello my name is Denise Ravary and i live in Ontario, Canada. I was diagnosed with fibro about 2 years ago. Right now i am waiting to be x-rayed for feet, hands, knees and spine with the Rheumy so i sure hope they will be ok. I am here looking for info, friendship and support. Thank you. Denise
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    New to the group

    Hello, I am a long time suffer ( 13 YRS ) of what was diagnosed last year 8/2012 as Fibromylgia, Chronic Fatigue, PTSD, Carpel Tunnel, RLS, OCD. I feel so alone any more and when someone like my husband etc. ask how i feel all i wanna do is cry i feel as if im just a broken record any more I...