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    New in Perth, Western Australia

    Hi, I've just joined. For several years I've had doctors, massage therapists, chiro's etc mention I could have Fibro. I didn't think much of it until my combined symptoms have become steadily worse. I'm not yet diagnosed and have no idea where to start. My ongoing symptoms are: Severe Restless...
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    alkaline diet

    Hi, I was looking for support for an alkaline diet and happened to find this board. I'm 65 and have had FM for for about 15 to 20 years. I've controlled it with acupuncture, but lately, the acupuncture has been making my nerves worse. My daughter in law suggested that i try an alkaline diet...
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    Extreme heaviness in my head in the morning

    Hello I've been feeling this on and off for a few years but been having it again. It's been pretty bad. I'll be awake and aware of it and dreaming, but can't open my eyes as the tiredness and heaviness is so painful and strong. I'll maybe be able to force an eye open but fall back into sleep...
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    ruined life please help , is it really fibromyalgia?

    Since my childhood,I use to suffer from chronic head heaviness and fatigue which used to get worse after school ,in addition to occasional migraine like headaches.When i got 16 , the heaviness in head and fatigue intensified suddenly and my life got hell from being manageable and negligible...
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    Continuing to Slide

    It's been about three weeks since I posted. Thanks for everyone's support to this point. My symptoms of weakness, heaviness, atrophy, loss of muscle tone continue. Since my last post, my arms and hands seem more effected. Stiffness in a few fingers, wrist, and the muscle between the thumb and...