1. A

    Diagnosed with POTS, but could it be fibromyalgia?

    I was diagnosed with POTS when I was 17, but recently things have gotten way worse than my usual problems. My fatigue is through the roof, it’s so hard to get up and going, if I’m not working I’m sleeping. And I have depression/anxiety, but this isn’t my normal depressive tiredness, and my...
  2. S

    Looking for help and advice for my Fibro

    Hi Everyone. My name is Sam, I’m almost 31 years old, I have 2 small children, and I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It has completely stolen my life away from me and left me in debilitating chronic pain, not to mention has completely messed my brain up with the memory loss and...
  3. K

    Recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

    Hello everyone! I am very glad to have found this forum because I know nothing about fibromyalgia and was diagnosed just yesterday. Long story short - I have been having chronic pain, tingling and blurred vision off-and-on for the past two years. I have had multiple blood panels done and the...
  4. S

    Help me?

    Is there a moderator or administrator that I could speak with about removing some inaccurate information displayed about me by this web site? I have been attempting for years to speak with someone on this matter but no one has ever responded to me. Thanks very much for your help!
  5. J

    My Story

    Hi to all, looking for some feedback and any at all would be greatly appreciated. Am a 35 year old male, generally healthy and love sports. My problems generally began about 14 months ago with very painful back spasms. This was accompanied by muscle twitching all over the body, which would...
  6. Tipnatee N

    Defeated by Seasonal Allergies

    Grrrrrrrr. Ok I'm already up to here with all the problems with Fibromyalgia suffering and I'm doing the best I could to surviving the horrors, but seasonal allergies Really??? My histamine is so out of control I ended up over dosing antihistamines everytime I'm trying to get relieve while on...
  7. M

    Lidocaine Patches

    After a recent injury to my foot, and hearing about Lidocaine Patches I asked my Dr. If he could perscribe some for me. He did 30 a months worth. I have been wearng them not only on my feet, but my lower back too. ( THEY HELP!!!).
  8. T

    HELP finding a doctor

    Hello, I was hoping someone could guide me in the direction of a doctor who could give me a second opinion or confirm my fibromyalgia diagnosis. I am in the Hampton roads area of Virginia. The reason is My neurologist sent me to a rheumatologist to diagnose me and after leaving her office...
  9. B

    Lower Back Pain

    I often experience severe lower back pain at the base of my spine with my fibro. In past years I have had epidurals to treat it. Mommy, she doesn't think I should have anymore. I did it probably at 23. Now at 28 for some reason she thinks it's more dangerous for me to be "playing around with my...
  10. M

    MSM - It's a major help!!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the board and joined because I want to share something I've found that has helped me tremendously! I started taking MSM or sulphur and I no longer have restless legs (pulling) or the terrible leg pain I experienced especially when I got into bed at night. You can...